About Dennis Yamasaki

My strong interest in Holistic Health started in my early 30s when I was diagnosed with mild High Blood Pressure.  My doctor at that time prescribed several prescription medications to me.  Fortunately, he was very thorough and tested me after taking each medication for a few days.  Each of these medications had bad side effects including damage to my kidneys or making me very sleepy so I couldn’t really function during the day.  I started doing my own research on holistic remedies for High Blood Pressure.  I found several possible remedies and ventured off to SuperSupplements.  I purchased some supplements that worked fine and didn’t seem to have any side effects.  Eventually I found some Naturopath doctors and worked with them to keep my blood pressure stable.  I enjoyed reading holistic health books, papers, newsletters from popular Naturopath doctors and started to find webinar series that were very informative.  This excited me very much and eventually led to me starting my Holistic Health Coaching Business.

Beyond my blood pressure, I discovered holistic remedies for my other health conditions including Gout, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Joint Pain and moderate arthritis, Sleep Apnea, and I’m working on a prescription drug induced sleep disorder now.

I’ve always had a strong interest in Biology and Psychology since my childhood.  I worked through an independent study in biology in high school focused on human anatomy.

My interest in Holistic Health had me reading volumes of books and newsletters from Naturopath doctors.   It was so fascinating to learn about natural remedies for all sorts of diseases.  Why don’t we hear about these remedies from our doctors?  I attended a Holistic Health Conference in San Diego, CA in 2015 and my mind was racing and bubbling in excitement.  So many doctors, scientists, and other holistic practitioners had presentations and demonstrations there.  I wish I had time to sit in all of the presentations!  I took notes and collected information to review later when I got home.

This medical conference led me to online webinar series where I can learn from home, right at my laptop.  So many topics were available like Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease, Auto-Immune Disease,  Gut Health, Mitochondria Health, Diets, Water, Vision, Holistic Dentistry, Detoxing, Vaccines, Pain Relief, Arthritis, Liver Health, Prostate Health, Stem Cells, Body Electric, Hormones, Environment, Mental Health, Health Terrain, Healthy Energy, Lyme Disease, Immunity-Lungs-Stress, Adrenals, EMFs, Allergies and Asthma, Candida, Cannabis, Diabetes, Essential Oils, Chronic Inflammation, GMOs, Food Sensitivities and Autoimmune Diseases, Lymphatic System, Molds, Stem Cells, Sleep Summit, Plant Based Dieting, Home Toxins. the Thyroid, and Antioxidants.   As you can see, I’m rather obsessed with Holistic Health.

I regularly follow Health Means as a large source of my information and video content.  I’m starting to do more research from the Institute for Functional Medicine and Institute for Natural Health.  In fact, I have so much information that I need to review lots of it to keep the information fresh in my mind.  And there’s always new content being presented all the time.  It’s like drinking from a firehose!  No joke!!!

There are many Holistic Practitioners in the Seattle area.   I want to meet more of them and understand more of their practices so I can refer my clients to them and hopefully get referrals from them also.

I have many resources for my clients to research for deeper dives into subjects and treatments that only Holistic Doctors, Oncologists, Detox specialists can perform.


Contact me now to start your personal journey to Rediscovering your Miraculous Self Healing Being.  My Introductory Presentation is complimentary and will give you light into your personal Miracle.  After the presentation, we can decide where to start your Miraculous Healing Adventure in a way that best fits your lifestyle and goals.

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