Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

As we age, our brain and nervous system accumulates damage and our body tries to protect us from this damage.  Plaque build up is a result of this protection.  Unfortunately, plaque doesn’t allow for efficient transmission of electrical signals that our neurons need to communicate with each other.  Too much sugar and insulin can result in insulin resistance of the brain.  This is why Alzheimer’s is often referred to as Type 3 Diabetes.

Toxins are a main source of damage to our nervous system and brain.  Plaque is the protection mechanism that our body uses to protect our nervous system from these toxins.

Other sources of brain food come from medium chain triglycerides.  Coconut oil has a good source of medium chain triglycerides and can be used to bring back brain function in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  Medium chain triglycerides can be purchased in liquid form also.  Reference Dr. Mary Newport from the Awakening From Alzheimer’s video series.

Note:  As of the writing of this page, there is no known effective prescription medication to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.


Minimizing and eliminating toxins is very important for a healthy brain and nervous system.  I’m here to help you with this.

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