Cancer treatment is sold on fear and that the tumor is the disease.  Once an Oncologist determines your fate, your mind/spirit will take over and bring this fate to fruition.  You have time for a second and third opinion.  Seek alternative sources of information, like what I’m providing here.  Do not panic.

Cancer is not truly the disease.  It’s a symptom of many things gone wrong in our bodies over a long period of time.  It often takes several years for tumors to grow to detectable size.

Toxins are the most common source of cancer.  There are many types of cancer.  There are many types of toxins.  The type of cancer will depend on epigenetics of your genetic makeup and what toxic exposures you’ve had.

Negative or Toxic emotions can directly contribute to cancer.   There are many resources for resolving these negative emotions.  I have resources for you.

Eliminating the sources of toxins is a perfect start to healing from cancer.  It might be necessary to detox the body from toxins.  But how much will this detoxification be effective if you continue to live a lifestyle that keeps the toxins flooding into your body?  This is why I am here to help you determine the sources of toxins in your life and coach you to minimize and eliminate toxins in your life.

I’m not a bodily detoxification expert.  But I do have many resources for you to investigate for yourself to see what detox methodologies make sense to you.

See Food/Water/Home pages on this site for more information.


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