Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease misconception:  Cholesterol is to blame for arterial plaque build up in your arteries.  Because of this, Western Medicine has many cholesterol lowering drugs to prescribe to you.  There are many bad side effects from these drugs.  One of which is damaging your kidneys.  Perhaps many people will survive reasonably fine taking these prescription drugs, however, I met a man that had to get a kidney transplant because of this cholesterol medication.

The truth about cholesterol is that it is an essential organic molecule that is needed for your brain (the brain is made up partially from cholesterol) and is vitally needed to combat inflammation in your circulatory system.  When inflammation is detected in your blood vessels, cholesterol is needed to put out the fire of inflammation.  When you have too much inflammation in your blood vessels, the cholesterol plaque builds up and in the blood vessels and they begin to get clogged.   The inflammation is the underlying cause of the plaque build up.  And cholesterol is labelled as the bad guy.

More about cholesterol:  It’s necessary for the biosynthesis of steroid hormones, bile acid, and Vitamin D.  It is a type of lipid or fat.

What causes the inflammation in your blood vessels?   You probably guessed it if you’ve been reading the rest of my website.  Toxins!

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