Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I work with my clients?

A:  After my introductory presentation about my coaching business, I will assist my clients in prioritizing the areas in their lives to identify toxins and guide them into minimizing and eliminating them in a manner that suites their willingness to make bold lifestyle changes.


Q:  What is the most impactful thing to eliminating toxins in my life?

A:  Identifying the sources of the toxins is most important.  Next, making an action plan to reduce and potentially eliminate the toxins and make the lifestyle changes to complete the action plan is necessary.  I’m here to assist in all phases of this including being your accountability partner to take action.


Q:  What are the top contributors to lifestyle toxins?

A:  Water, Medications, Food Sources, Household cleaners, the air we breath, beauty products, flame retardant in our mattresses/carpets…, and negative trauma and emotions.


Contact me now to start your personal journey to Rediscovering your Miraculous Self Healing Being.  My Introductory Presentation is complimentary and will give you light into your personal Miracle.  After the presentation, we can decide where to start your Miraculous Healing Adventure in a way that best fits your lifestyle and goals.

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