Drinking Water

Enagic’s – K8

The Enagic K-8 is the top of the line Electrolyzed Reduced Water machine.  It produces the most molecular hydrogen of all the household ERW machines with it’s 8 large titanium plates.  The drinking water has the most Oxidation Reduction Potential of all the Enagic household machines.  This means more antioxidant properties whereby your body will have more reduction of Free Radicals just by drinking clean water!   This water is more hydrating than regular water.  Since this water is more hydrating,  your cells can function properly and eliminate toxins better.


The K-8 makes 7 types of water.   Three drinking waters with 9.5 pH, 9.0 pH, and 8.5 pH.   The higher the pH the more hydrogen and antioxidant properties.  There is a strong Kangen Water that is 11.5 pH that is used for degreasing/cleaning,  There is a 2.5 pH water that is a high acidic water used for sanitizing (made for Japanese Hospitals), a Beauty Water used for skin health, and a neutral water for other uses (filtered water).


Watch this video of the Leveluk SD-501 (7 Titanium plates) for a great demonstration:


See the Enagic Water Page for more information:

Electrolyzed Water

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